SPINclub is an independent, locally owned company

Our main focus is providing you with the ultimate indoor cycling experience to help you reach your fitness goals.  Our instructors are qualified fitness professionals who will motivate you to reach your highest level of fitness during class.  We are dedicated to make SPINclub an unique exercise experience in a comfortable, non-intimidating, fun environment.

Our classes are 45 or 60 minutes in length.  We also offer classes that incorporate hand weights, weighted bars and bands to tone your upper body and abs along with the cardio spin experience.

Starting at SPINclub

Bikes can be reserved from one hour to 3 weeks in advance. In order to make a reservation, you must first own a ride card or an unlimited package.  You can purchase online or at the club.

Walk-in and Bike Release Policy You can always walk in without a reservation and take the class if there is an empty bike or spot, you can pay for the ride or use a ride card.  Please be punctual if you reserved a bike.  Empty bikes will be released to any walk-in 5 minutes after the class starts.

Consideration for other riders. Talking during class is a major distraction.  Please reserve your conversation to before and after class.

If you like to chew gum while you workout, please refrain from cracking or smacking your gum. Please refrain form wearing strong scented perfumes or body lotion.

For safety reasons, place all personal belongings in the changing rooms or the cubbies.  We want your surroundings clutter free.

In order to remove yourself from a class, you must cancel your reservations 1 hour prior to the class.  Classes not cancelled 1 hour prior to your scheduled class will be charged to your ride card. If you have an unlimited ride package, your account will be charged a $5 no show fee. You are able to cancel your reservation online, by email or call SPINclub.

We have changing rooms and restrooms for your convenience.  Free lockers are available and sweat towels.  There are no showers.  Bottle water sold for $1.00.

At SPINclub, there are no initiation or membership fees.  Just purchase a ride card or unlimited package and your ready to take a class.

If you are new to studio cycling, come 10- 15 minutes early and you will be fitted for proper bike set-up, learn the various hand positions and be able to have the instructor answer any questions before class starts. All first time SPINclub clients must sign a liability waiver form before using the facilities. Email  for more information.

If you are having problems losing weight, what you are eating could be the problem. Schedule your 30 minute meeting with Gina to discuss your nutrition habits and receive guidance for healthier eating.

SPINclub FAQ's

A:  One of the great things about an indoor cycling class is its adaptability to any fitness level.   You can adjust the intensity of your workout to match your own fitness level and goals.  This class can be as easy or as hard as you make it.  If you are new to indoor cycling let your instructor know.  He or she will make sure your bike is properly adjusted so you are comfortable and safe on the bike.

A:  That is why you are taking a class.  To get in shape and reach your fitness goals. Indoor cycling is a great way to jump start your fitness program with a high intensity cardio workout at your own pace.

A:  Depending on your amount of exertion used during class, you can expect to burn 500-800 calories in a 60-minute class.  Because indoor cycling is a low impact workout, it eliminates pounding on your joints and lower back, making it a great workout for anyone with hip and knee problems.  Indoor cycling is an excellent body shaping activity.  It will tone your butt, legs and abs and help build shapely glutes.

A: Heart rate monitors provide an effective and accurate method to measure your exertion during class. Aerobic workouts should be at a heart rate range of approximately 65%-80% of maximum heart rate. The body prefers fat for fuel when exercising at an aerobic heart rate, so using a heart rate monitor will help you stay in that range to get the most out of your workout.

A:  Indoor cycling class is all about you and your fitness level.  By controlling the resistance and speed of the pedals you make this class as challenging as you want.  There are no complicated steps and moves you need to follow during a class.  Regardless of your strength, coordination or flexibility, you will always get a great workout.  Just take a seat and let your legs fly.

A:  Regular workout attire is all you need.  For a more comfortable ride, padded cycling shorts or a gel seat for the bike is recommended.  Sneakers are fine but “clip-in” cycling shoes offer a more stable position on the pedals.

A:  During the class, there will be times when your resistance on the bike is high to stimulate the experience of riding up a hill.   These climbs only last a few minutes, which is not enough time to build  bulky legs and butt muscles. The remainder of the class your resistance is low and you are pedaling at a quick pace and burning fat calories.

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