My name is Gina Marietti. I have been in the fitness world for 10 years.  I started spinning when I was training for triathlons and got hooked! Spinning not only strengthened my legs for the race but also improved my cardiovascular level for running.  I have found indoor cycling to be one of my favorite exercises because it’s an exercise environment that includes everyone, regardless of gender or fitness level.

As a spin instructor, I believe exercise should be a fun experience and something you look forward to everyday.  By keeping my classes very energetic and informal, you will leave the class knowing you had an awesome workout, made new friends and you will feel great!  Whether your goal is to lose weight or strengthen your lower body/core, this class will help accomplish your goals and more.

My personal goal is to inspire others to reach their fitness goals through great music, fun classes and my enthusiasm for spin.  I love teaching this class and sending people home feeling good.
In addition to pedaling and personal training, I stay active with my three boys busy sports schedule.


Certified Spinning Instructor, ISSA Certified Personal Trainer, Youth Fitness Trainer and a Specialist in Performance Nutrition.


If you are having problems losing weight, what you are eating could be the problem. Schedule your 30 minute meeting with Gina to discuss your nutrition habits and receive guidance for healthier eating.

Gina’s Nutrition

My name is Julie Janicek. I have been instructing group fitness classes for 25 years, and have loved every minute of it! Because of my passion for optimizing health through exercise, and improving the quality of people’s lives, I am in school to become a Physical Therapist Assistant.

I have especially loved teaching Spinning, since 1998, because Spinning delivers a fun, safe, and effective high intensity/low impact cardio workout, provides a rewarding sense of accomplishment, gets results, relieves stress, and builds life-long friendships. Spinning is the best form of therapy!

Outside the studio and classroom, my two teenage daughters are my world. We enjoy water sports, skiing, reading, church, and spending time with our family.


Certified Spinning Instructor, Master Fitness Specialist, Pilates Matwork Instructor, AFAA/Arthritis Foundation Exercise Program Instructor, Aerobics and Fitness Instructor, and Black Belt in Karate.

Bachelor’s Degree in Education, and taught health and fitness courses at Joliet Junior College for 21 years.


Hi, my name is Colleen Bruns. I have been exercising for the last 35 years!  During those years, I have participated in various amounts of fitness programs and exercises.  Not only have I been exercising but I’ve met a lot of people with different fitness goals.

Indoor cycling was new to me about 6 years ago when I joined SPINclub.  Gina really made spinning a fun and achievable exercise routine.  I immediately improved my endurance and stamina, and developed muscle definition in only a few short months.

As a fitness instructor, I want to use my past experiences to make fitness fun and adaptable, like it has been for me. Then help you progress along your fitness journey.

When I’m not exercising, my life is fulfilled with my family, my husband and 3 boys.

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